Earth Once Had Two Moons [New Theory]

When we stare up at the sky during clear nights we see the moon, however there’s a chance that the moon wasn’t alone at one time during our planets early existence. A new theory proposed by Nature posits that debris created by a collision between Earth and a Mars-sized proto-planet may have left two moons behind.

According to the theory two moons were created in close orbit and their slow-motion collision is the cause for the moon’s asymmetry.

According to Scientific American the second moon likely existed for tens of millions of years before the collision which occurred 4.5 billion years ago, which explains why no human documentation exists from the two moon sky.

The collision theory could also help explain why the side of the moon we mostly see is lowlands lava plains while the dark side is mostly highlands with crust that is much thicker with different “mix” elements.

It should be noted that another researcher says:

“All this is great fun and tells us that there are very fundamental questions that remain about the Moon.”

I wonder if animals killed less when there were two full moons? We recently reported that African Lions attack far less during full moons.