Samsung Nexus S Free Today At Best Buy, Google Also Taking Orders

There’s not a lot of time left but if you head over to your local Best Buy before close today you could grab a free Samsung Nexus S smartphone.

The free promotion is available for Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T customers and requires a two year contract that includes data.

The device is also being sold via where you can follow the Samsung Nexus link and order your device without leaving your home.

It should also be noted that Sprint Wireless customers can get the Nexus S from Sprint stores (but not as part of this deal), however T-Mobile and AT&T customers can only purchase the smartphone from Best Buy locations and not retail storefronts.

The Samsung Nexus S is one of the first devices to feature Google Wallet NFC compatibility which explains why Google is making such a large push to get the device into customers hands as the battle for NFC supremacy continues to heat up.