Colorful Toilets Showing Up On Missouri Lawns, Creative Fundraiser To Help Adopting Family

It isn’t everyday you see something like this sitting in a front lawn. However, all across Lebanon, Missouri, colorful toilet seats are making the rounds around neighborhoods, all for a good cause. According to KNWA, the toilets are all part of a fundraiser for couple, Christi and Matt Stowe, put on by friends and family.

The pair have been married for 11 years and are unable to have children due to Christi suffering from PCOS. The couple have fostered children for the past three years, but they are ready adopt and have a child of their own. The couple previously tried private adoption, but the mother backed out last minute so the couple came from the adoption childless. Agency adoption is much more expensive so has been off the plate until now.

Adoption through an agency can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000, but the Stowe family is ready to pay the price to ensure the new member of their family. This is where the toilets come into play. The toilets are hand painted with colorful and fun designs to draw attention, then a note is placed inside a baggie on the toilet. The note reads:

Note on Fundraiser Toilets

The money used for “toilet removal” is then placed in a fund for the Stowe family adoption. There are a number of options for those plagued with the toilet in their lawn. They can pay a simple $15 removal fee or for $20 they can choose the next toilet “victim”. Worried someone might send the toilet right back to your house in retaliation? You can pay $30 to ensure that doesn’t happen. The Stowe family says the toilets have received a surprisingly positive reception. Matt says:

“It’s amazing because you maybe expect $15 or $20. And we are getting checks for $30 and $50 — it’s a blessing.”

Want to see some of the toilets and where they are traveling? A Traveling Toilet Fan Page on Facebook was setup to show the toilets in motion as well as allow those in the community to discuss the cause.

Creative fundraisers are happening across the U.S. such as the community gardening event that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia. On the day of the community event, a poet and musicians collaborated with the community to plant starter seeds and several apple trees, while also helping maintain a community garden. The day was filled with music and poetry all in the name of bringing awareness to the importance of sustainability and gardening at home.

What do you think of this “toilets on lawns” fundraiser for the Stowe family? If nothing else, it sounds like this pair have some incredibly creative friends on their side.