‘Two and a Half Men’ Funeral to Open New Season

I guess this is how Hollywood tells you there’s no chance of reconciliation.

The new season of Two and a Half Men- the sitcom formerly starred-in by celebrity bad boy Charlie Sheen- will open with a funeral for Sheen’s character, it has been revealed. Ashton Kutcher will be taking over the other starring role, alongside Jon Cryer- but exactly how the sudden (for the sitcom) disappearance of Sheen would affect the show was much buzzed about by fans.

Some scenes remained for the beginning of this season- scenes which producer Chuck Lorre is unlikely to want to use after one of Sheen’s vitriolic rants aimed at him:

“Hiya Chucky Cheeseball. Where ya hiding silly clown? Behind your narcissism, your greed? Hatred of yourself or women, which personality are you hiding behind you little worm? I see you behind your plastic smile, bitchy pout and desperate need to be liked. Forget love – that ship sailed when you were born – to use one of your unfunny jokes. Good luck with those tin cans [expletive.] Think of me often loser, think of me as you pray to the silly god of AA. Can you smell your soul, can you smell the rotting dog [expletive?]”

Did you watch Two and a Half Men before Sheen’s departure? Do you think Ashton Kutcher is a suitable replacement?