Mila Kunis Tells Off Reporter in Russian

It seems Matt Damon isn’t the only one to get a little feisty with a reporter in the past couple days.

While at a press junket for “Friends With Benefits” in Moscow, Mila Kunis scolded a reporter for asking her co-star, Justin Timberlake, why he focuses on movies and not music.

The impressive kicker is that the entire exchange went down in Kunis’ native tongue – Russian.

Here is the epic exchange between Mila and the reporter, translated by Atae Hone via The Daily What.

Reporter: “I have two questions – about the movie and the sex–”
Mila: “What?” (in a “didn’t hear you clearly” way)
Reporter: “About the movie and the sex.”
Mila: “Oh, I thought I misheard you about the sex.”
Justin: “I don’t like this! =)”
Reporter: “What brought you into movies? WHY ARE YOU IN MOVIES?”
Mila: “What?!”
Reporter: “Why movies?”
Mila: “Why movies?”
Reporter: “Well, many showbiz persons move to movies, and sometimes it’s for the better, but why is Justin in movies?”
Mila: “Wait, you’re asking why he wants to be in movies?”
Reporter: “Yes.”
Mila: “What would you rather have him do?”
CROWD: (Laughter, applause)
Reporter: indiscernible under the applause
Mila: “Huh?”
Reporter: “I mean, isn’t showbiz enough?”
Mila (exasperated): “Well, if he WANTS to make movies, and he can, why shouldn’t he? What sort of question is that? Why are YOU here?”
CROWD: (More laughter, more applause)
Reporter: “Well, I’m doing my job.”
Mila: “Well, he’s doing his. It’s the same thing!”

At this, the entire room bursts into laughter, while a visibly puzzled Timberlake waits patiently for his translator to relay the exchange to him via an earpiece.

Upon receiving it, he points to Kunis and exclaims:

“This is my bodyguard.”

Check out the untranslated Russian throwdown below: