Leonardo DiCaprio is Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actor

The box office receipts are in, and Leonardo DiCaprio has rocketed to the top of the Hollywood pay charts.

Between Inception and Shutter Island, 2011 was a very good year for the hunk who shot to fame after a role in the blockbuster Titanic. DiCaprio raked in a staggering $77 million according to Forbes, ratcheting up from fifth place to first. In fact, DiCaprio came in well ahead of second-place high earner Johnny Depp, who made a paltry $40 million in comparison, Adam Sandler clocking in at $40 million, Will Smith, who raked in $36 million, and Tom Hanks at $35 million.

DiCaprio, Depp, Sandler, Smith and Hanks aren’t the only big-earning hotshots in Hollywood, though. Ben Stiller was next on the rank with an impressive take of $34 million, Robert Downey Jr. came in at $31 million and Mark Wahlberg tracked at $28 million. Tim Allen and Tom Cruise ranked ninth and tenth respectively, with $22 million.

In total, the 15 actors on the list grossed $473 million, and this year’s ranking is based on box office receipts from May of 2010 through May of 2011.