Free The Nipple Movement Now Has A Safe Way To ‘Free The Nipple’ With The TaTa Top

Ever since Lino Esco started the Free the Nipple movement, it has been rejected by stiff-lipped traditionalists and embraced by trend-setting gender equality supporters. Utilized through social media with the hashtag #FreeTheNipple, the Free the Nipple movement has taken strides in a direction for acceptance. Multiple alternative nude glamour photo sites, such as SuicideGirls, has given the movement plenty of fuel. But what about women who are supportive of Free the Nipple, yet they personally don’t want to free their nipples? Fortunately for them, there is now a way they could “free their nipples” without literally freeing their nipples.

Right now, there is a new fashion trend going about that supports Free the Nipple called the TaTa Top. It is a bikini top that is fleshed-colored with two nipples emblazoned on their cups. This amazingly realistic top will now have women join the movement without true exposure or fear of breaking any laws, either they be cultural or social. According to an article by The Telegraph, it reports the top is being used more in New York City, which is where most of the Free The Nipple movement is taking place. It was also there that Scout Willis protested Instagram by walking about the New York City streets topless, as reported here on The Inquisitr. We also reported that freeing the nipple also frees women.

TaTa Top 2

In a second article by Daily Mail, their report states that the TaTa top Top is available at their official website for the price of $28, with $5 of each sale put towards breast cancer research. The creators of the TaTa Top, Chicago-based feminists Robyn Graves and Michelle Lytle, state the bikini top was created in aim to desexualizing the female nipple. It only makes sense right? Nipples are always exposed across the landscape, especially male nipples, but female nipples are suddenly a taboo. True there are very valid reasons why the female nipple is considered such, but the Free the Nipple movement wants people to get passed those traditionalist views.

The official website even reads the following on what they feel female breasts simply are:

“The only excitement that comes from seeing breasts is that you are conditioned to think they are something special, something to be protected and kept hidden. In reality, they are excess breast tissue growing into varying sized balls that you have to buy expensive support for and that throw you off balance when you run.”

TaTa Top 1

Sociologically, this personal view is dependent on the person and goes to upbringing, brain activity, and much more. Still, their view is respectable and it is also understandable on why they want to support the Free The Nipple movement. Initially though, the movement may be pursued for different reasons. Most adolescent boys, who know about this movement, are not supporting it because they believe in equality.

If you would like to view the TaTa Top uncensored and “in action”, check out the pictures on their official Instagram.

[Images via TaTa Top Instagram]