Did Kim Kardashian Just ‘Free The Nipple’?

Kim Kardashian uploaded a selfie to her Instagram account yesterday showing off her new wig and people are asking if she decided to join the #FreeTheNipple campaign. Inquisitr recently reported about Kim’s hair color change and updated fans that the color change, was actually just a wig. With all the attention on Kardashian’s hair, another feature got some extra media attention as well:

E! Online asked if Kim’s wig photo accidentally included a nipple cameo:

E! Online reported that it actually appears to be only the impression of Kim’s nipple underneath a sheer bra. By Thursday morning, the Instagram photo had already been liked more than 640,000 times.

Instagram users don’t seem to be nearly as interested in the wig as they are the possibility that they might be seeing Kardashian’s nipple, even though the photo does seem to show Kardashian wearing a nightie or a slip.

One Instagram user wrote, “I can’t believe she’s still got this photo online after it clearly has brought so much negative attention because of the nipple. I’d just take it down if I was her and hope people would forget about it. It looks terrible.”

Another accuses her photo of being a staged selfie, “The hair at the bottom is perfectly pushed to each. she knew what she as doing lol”

Twitter users are also actively slut-shaming the 33-year-old reality TV star:

Many celebrities have joined the #FreeTheNipple campaign which is an activist campaign to point out the double standard that female nipple nudity presents. Miley Cyrus showed her nipples publicly for the campaign at the end of last year. Scout Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, tweeted pictures of her perfectly legal topless stroll around NYC in May.

Kim Kardashian didn’t seem to be engaging in activism, but may have found herself smack in the middle of the #FreeTheNipple campaign anyway.