WWE News: Vince McMahon Character Officially Retired From WWE Programming?

WWE shows us each week, seemingly, that they are trying to change a bit with the times. While we do still see a lot of the same stuff, there are some significant changes both big and small that are major for WWE’s future. A very small thing that has seemingly gone unnoticed is actually a major change WWE decided on that we may not have picked up on originally. It has to do with both Stephanie and Vince McMahon.

As you may have heard, WWE has begun calling Stephanie THE Principle Owner of WWE. She was originally called “One of” The Principle Owners of WWE. Now keep in mind, this is not said about Triple H, however he still referred to as the COO of the WWE. So that does not mean that removing “one of” from the title of Stephanie means that Triple H will be removed from power sometime soon, as WWE never really gave him TV ownership. In real life, however, he does own a large chunk of the company.

The change was actually done for Stephanie because WWE has decided to retire the Vince McMahon character from WWE programming, according to the Wrestling News Observer. This small change we looked over has turned out to be quite significant for WWE’s future, it seems.

While I think we can all assume that Vince will appear on WWE programming at some point in the future, and will still make appearances for the WWE and appear on the WWE Network quite a lot, he will not be on RAW or SmackDown each week.

Vince McMahon is certainly a ratings booster, which has come to be known as “The McMahon Effect” among some circles. Vince’s appearances turned out to be so random over the years that people never knew when he’d be there. When he was, however, major things took place. As a result of this, ratings usually go up when Vince is on TV. The same cannot be said about all McMahons, though Stephanie and Shane at one point had this ability.

Vince is still present at all TV tapings as he helps to run the show. Meanwhile, when he is on TV, he rarely runs the show as he is too busy going over lines and segments he is involved in. Vince is a perfectionist.

WWE most likely feels that since Triple H is still able to wrestle off and on, yet can be an authority figure full time, a major male authority figure like Vince is not as needed. Stephanie will always be Stephanie, and because she is a McMahon, she will work for any authority role needed. This is basically Vince passing the torch to Triple H and Stephanie, rather than trying to keep going on TV himself each week. It shows at least some trust by Vince to be so sure something will be okay that he can feel safe never again appearing on WWE programming if he chooses not to.

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