Victoria Prince: K-Feds new girlfriend is a bad girl

Santa might have a little trouble figuring out if Kevin Federlin’e new girlfriend Victoria Prince is on the naughty or nice list. Apparently Victoria Prince has a juvy rap sheet and had another run in with the cops last year. She should be perfect for K-Fed, he likes them a little “interesting” and unhinged.

TMZ is reporting that last year Victoria Prince was arrested for assault and disturbing the peace but she plead not guilty and the case was dismissed.

They also allege that back in Victoria Prince’s high school days she was the school bully, waging a terror campaign against three kids resulting in an attempt to take out a temporary restraining order against her.

Victoria Prince was also charged with possession of a stun gun and alcohol on school premises but her juvenile records have since been destroyed. If you know what happened let us know in the comments.

Victoria Prince told TMZ the stun gun was for her “protection”.

Well this girl next door looking, volley ball playing blonde hottie seemed normal, but then she is going out with K-Fed so there did have to be something wrong with her. Now we know what. And in her mug shot, she doesn’t look that hot.