Newborn Meets Teddy Bear In Adorable Viral Video

A newborn little boy has already become a viral sensation thanks to his teddy bear friend and his creative parents. Meet Henry David Knutson, a 10-week old little boy who has become a hit thanks to the creative minds of his parents, Chris and Aimee Knutson of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Chris and Aimee Knutson met while doing theater, and once they learned that they were having a baby of their own, they wanted to do something big. According to ABC News, the Knutsons had been wanting to create a stop-motion film for some time, but weren’t sure about how to go about it.

“My wife and I have talked about doing stop-motion for a while so when the bear came it was just like this is the perfect time,” Chris Knutson, a comedian, told ABC News. “So it’s our first child and our first stop-motion film too.”

According to the Huffington Post, shortly after finding out about their pregnancy, Chris and Aimee recruited the help of some friends who helped them create the stop-motion video that starred the newborn-to-be’s teddy bear. In a post to his Facebook page, Chris thanks Edward Folly and Casey Nelson for their help in creating the adorable viral video.

“We went scene-by-scene and thought of our process preparing by parents and how the bear could be observing that, like the pregnancy test, putting the crib together and seeing the ultrasound,” Knutson said.

The couple said it took around 60 hours to complete the planning, staging and editing of the video and the result ended up being an adorable minute and a half video that ends with a new friendship being formed between a newborn and his teddy bear. Want to check out the video for yourself? You’re in luck! We have it for your viewing pleasure!

According to ABC News, Knutson said that the video took off after they posted it to YouTube and Facebook. The video has already received 511,953 views since being published to YouTube on June 12th. Commenters all seem to agree that the newborn meets teddy bear video is one of the more adorable videos currently circulating the internet.

If you can’t get enough of the cute little twosome, then fear not! The Knutsons say that they plan on creating similar videos starring the newborn and his teddy bear that feature milestones throughout little Henry’s life.

[Image via Youtube]