Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Talk About Being Penniless And No Longer Famous

We all knew Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt wouldn’t be famous forever, after all they can’t act, can’t sing and after a while their entire persona was just plain annoying and now the married couple who are living in the same home as Spencer Pratt’s parents have opened up about their fame and inevitable downfall.

Speaking to the Daily Beast the couple say that their break-up, divorce petition and eventual reconciliation was all staged in a last ditch effort to regain their fame.

Spencer, 27, tells the publication:

‘At that point, we were pulling our last cards,’ while adding, ‘We felt the hot-air balloon losing its gas. And at that stage, our income would be selling the photo that would go along with the divorce.’

The fall was swift for the couple who use to receive thousands of dollars for staging paparazzi shoots then spent $2 million on Montag’s failed music career and $1 million on a wardrobe for Spencer.

The couple says that they no longer frequent top clubs in Hollywood but instead spend their time watching movies at home and eating Mexican Food, while Heidi says she regrets getting ten cosmetic surgeries in one day.

Perhaps if they couple didn’t act like spoiled little children their careers could have went the way of The Hills co-star Lauren Conrad who has launched several very successful business ventures.