Veteran's Marijuana Usage Points To Medical Benefits Of Legal Weed For Wounded Warriors

A veteran's marijuana usage has the wounded warrior claiming that cannabis is the only drug that would allow him to get his life back to normal after two tours in the Afghanistan war. Similar stories has the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Kentucky pushing for legislation that will make it easier for veterans to get a hold of legal weed.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a Texas teen's arrest over pot brownies has the town in an uproar since he may face life in prison due to a technicality in the state's laws. While some people claim Trayvon Martin's marijuana smoking made him violent, and Florida sheriff's would agree, others point out how Denver's crime rates have dropped since Colorado's marijuana legalization bill went into effect.

When Matt Kahl came home to America his physical injuries wracked him with pain, and the mental anguish was so great he had to take 15 different medications, but that still was not enough:

"About ten months after I got back, I attempted suicide. I was completely hopeless."
But then this veteran's marijuana usage was the medical cure he needed:
"Suddenly, my extremely overactive, hyper-vigilant mind started to calm down, and my pain gradually started to go away, too. I needed less of these other medications, and shortly afterwards, I determined that I absolutely have to move to a state that allows this so that I can get my life back."
About 20 percent of veterans coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and doctors typically respond by prescribing oxycontin. A group calling itself Grow4Vets believes medical marijuana is a better solution and want to see clinical trials on whether or not cannabis can effectively treat PTSD. Unfortunately, even in Colorado the government voted down legislation that would have allowed VA doctors to discuss medical marijuana as an option for treatment.

But there is progress in other states. For example, the VFW in Kentucky is calling on the federal government "to provide medical cannabis to Veterans with qualifying conditions through the Veteran Administration Hospital System pharmacies." In states that have legalized pot, veterans could get access to legal weed through a voucher program.

Do you think the government should help fund programs that give medical marijuana to veterans?