Jesse James’ Ex: I have a Jesse Tat, Too, Kat Von D

Poor Kat Von D, currently experiencing the national shame of getting a man’s face tattooed on her ribcage only to have the relationship dissolve in reality show flames.

James, who may have been on some motorcycle show or something but largely got famous for marrying and then being a total cheating louse to Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock, didn’t exactly have a public vote of confidence as most reliable man ever when he hooked up with the temperamental LA Ink star Kat Von D. But that unsurprisingly didn’t dissuade the celeb inkstress from getting the massive tattoo, unveiled awkwardly after their breakup. And Von D stormed out of interviews when the clip of her revealing the ink to a bemused James was shown.

James’ other ex has spoken out about the Kat Von D tat, saying she too was drawn in by James enough to ink his name on her arm… even if it’s gone now:

“Jesse is the ultimate con-man when it comes to romance and love. He can appear so sweet and sincere that he really makes you feel so special… I got his name tattooed on my forearm after just 12 days of us being together because I was so smitten with him – but I got that replaced with a snake which represents him getting eaten now!”

Burn. Former James flame Janine Lindemuller continues:

“Unfortunately, just like myself and Sandra Bullock and any other woman Jesse has been involved with the only person that the guy truly loves is himself!”

Have you ever ended up with ink professing love for someone you ended up hating?