Michael Jackson's Pepsi Ad Doesn't Bring Fond Memories To Director

One of Michael Jackson's significant moments in his career came when he scored a deal with Pepsi that allowed him to be the spokesperson for the company, but it was followed by a media blitz occurred when Jackson was burned during the Pepsi-Cola commercial shoot in 1984.

Suffering from the repercussions of being burned by the flames, Jackson hid his intense pain over the years through his abuse of pain medications. Many people point to that specific moment as the singular incident that lead towards Jackson's abuse of medication, including propofol and benzodiazepine, that lead to his death five years to the day.

That said, it isn't surprising that the director behind the Pepsi-Cola commercial doesn't have fond memories of the shoot. The director, Bob Giraldi, sat down with Yahoo music to discuss the shocking event.

"I don't have fond memories of that shoot. It's not a moment that I like to remember. I've put it out of my repertoire when I think of working and being around Michael in his genius."

The incident happened on January 27, 1984 during the taping of one of Jackson's Pepsi commercials. While dancing on stage, Jackson's hair caught fire when an explosion went off unexpectedly from the pyrotechnics. The musician was hospitalized for third-degree burns.

A month after Michael Jackson's death, US Weekly weighed in on the incident and said that shortly after that incident, Jackson started to abuse painkillers that he was prescribed for his scalp and body.

Fortunately for Giraldi, the director has other memories of Jackson. The director contributed to Michael's legacy by directing music videos for "Beat It" and "Say Say Say" with Paul McCartney. Unfortunately, after the incident happened, in addition to the hysteria that followed, the two never recovered, and their professional relationship ended shortly after the accident.

Despite severing ties to their professional relationship, the director insists that the two were on friendly terms over the years.

"[We saw] each other since at affairs and other occasions, just in passing, and greeted each other with hugs."
When asked to describe his relationship with Michael Jackson, the director didn't hesitate.
"My relationship with Michael was kind and gentle. There was a kindness and gentleness that I don't usually see in the performers. I've done this for 40 years and I've worked with a lot of so-called self-important people, and it seems that Michael still remains the number-one celebrity that I've ever worked with yet."
Wednesday, June 25, 2014 marks five years since Michael Jackson passed.

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