Are the New York Giants the big 2011 NFL free agency losers?

Before today I think we could have made that argument, as their big move so far was signing QB David Carr. If that were the only signing of this team we could definitely call them losers. However, the resigning of RB Ahmad Bradshaw really bumps up any grade, but we of course are waiting to see what happens with Osi Umenyiora which will greatly decide how we evaluate what goes on with this team. For now we can look at the good and the bad of the Giants free agent signing season so far.

The good is of course resigning Bradshaw. He ran for over 1000 yards a year ago, and if the Giants are serious about rebuilding their offensive line then he could be even greater. They did cut a few of their aging oft-injured O linemen, and did bring in free agent Center David Baas, but the rest of the O line is a work in progress. They do have one of the better O line coaches, and he always gets the best out of his unit.

Now some of the bad, they let WR Plaxico Burress walk out of their offices and straight into the arms of the New York Jets. If Plax returns to what he was, than this looks awfully bad. If he is just an average guy that it looks a lot better for the Giants. However, having him play in the same stadium is not going to make Giants fans very happy.

In the end, I think it is much too early to start assessing grades to what has gone on. Let us take a wait and see approach to this team. Maybe by the time they play the third pre-season game we will have a better understanding how all of these moving pieces fit together.