WWE News: Wade Barrett Injured At Smackdown, Doubtful For Money In The Bank?

Jon Fisher

Well, I'm afraid I've got some bad news about Wade Barrett. The Intercontinental champion and favorite to win the Money in the Bank ladder match this Sunday hurt his shoulder after a match with Dean Ambrose.

"Wrestlezone's Justin LaBar has spoken with a backstage source within WWE that has confirmed Barrett's "severe shoulder injury" to be legitimate. While it has not been confirmed at this time, he is expected to be removed from the Money in the Bank ladder match this Sunday – a match he was heavily favored to win."

While many outlets like WrestleZone reported it last night, WWE did confirm the injury, saying Barrett heard a pop in his shoulder after Jack Swagger threw him into the barricade. By the way, this isn't the first injury Swagger caused unintentionally.

He gave Dolph Ziggler a concussion in May of 2013 and received no heat for it. Obviously, Swagger is not the safest man in the ring.

Barrett was on the ride of his life after winning the Intercontinental title and changing his gimmick to the "Bad News" persona. Just like Labar said above, Barrett was heavily favored to win the briefcase at Money in the Bank. Now, it appears he may not even be in the match.

When the pop occurred, it is most likely that Barrett suffered a separated shoulder. He will have to wait for the MRI results, but that is the probable diagnosis. In a mild case, the ligaments connecting the shoulder with the neck are stretched. If it is severe, then Barrett ruptured those ligaments; causing him to miss action without requiring surgery.

This type of injury is differs for each case. Barrett could be out for a week or six. It all depends on the severity of the ligament damage. Barrett's momentum will likely be halted for the time being, causing a WWE World Heavyweight championship opportunity to go by the wayside.

Luckily for the talent and fans, WWE decided to add another Money in the Bank ladder match. Barrett and Ziggler were the favorites going in. Now that Bad News Barrett will eventually be replaced, who is the favorite now? Also, who will replace the Intercontinental champion?

It is possible that Rusev, Big E, or even Bo Dallas could enter the match. Neither man would win the briefcase, but the addition of young talent would enhance the match quality, as well as their notoriety.

World Wrestling Entertainment has four days to reconfigure the Money in the Bank match due to Barrett's sudden injury. People may get their wish and have Ziggler finally capture the WWE World Heavyweight championship. Remember, not everyone has cashed in the belt and won the title.

Wade Barrett is not confirmed to be out of the Money in the Bank match just yet. Check back here for the update on Barrett's condition and the status of Money in the Bank. I'm afraid I may have to deliver more bad news.

UPDATE: Barrett updated his condition a few hours ago by tweeting about his arm.

— Bad News Barrett (@WadeBarrett) June 25, 2014

After the X-ray, an MRI will most likely be issued. When the results come in, we will update you on Barrett's condition.

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