Brandon Machetto, Florida Teenager Kills Grandmother, Drives Around Town With Her Body!

A Florida teenager has been arrested after he killed his grandmother inside her home at a nudist community. The teen, identified as Brandon Machetto then dragged her body inside a minivan and drove around the area for over five hours before being apprehended.

According WPTV News, the teen, all of 18-years-old was living with his grandmother, 74-year-old Sylvia Schmitt for the past few weeks. The two were known to have frequent altercations with each other, according to Pasco County Sherriff spokesperson, Melanie Snow.

Trouble started after people noticed that Sylvia was missing from her residence. According to Bay News 9, this resulted in a silver alert being sounded in the area. It was after this that one of Sylvia's neighbors saw Brandon dragging a bag into the minivan with the woman's feet still dangling out of it. The police was immediately alerted. In the meantime, Brandon had already left the scene and drove around with his grandmother's body inside. He refused to pull over when deputies asked him to do so, multiple times. Eventually, Brandon drove back to the Paradise Lakes community where he had initially set off from - and was arrested. Five hours had elapsed since then. Also to be noted was the fact that it was a much laid back "chase" with Brandon never exceeding 25 mph.

After his arrest, Machetto was charged with first degree murder and is currently being held in jail without a bond. There is no word if he has an attorney. At the time of his arrest, Brandon was reported to be in a trance like state and refused to talk to detectives.

Meanwhile, a report by points to the fact that Brandon Machetto has had a violent history. He was once hit on the head with a rock by a group of attackers when he was around 15-years-old, according to his Israeli martial arts teacher. He also claimed that Machetto came across as a very timid, non-aggressive person and it was surprising for him that he could commit such a violent crime.

He also reportedly has the emotional maturity of a 13 year old. Officials also add that Brandon Machetto has had a previous history of violence against Sylvia. Back in 2012, a charge of domestic violence was pressed against him – but Schmitt had dropped the charge,reports the Tampa Bay Times. The frequent fights between them were blamed on Sylvia's insistence that Brandon take his medications.

According to Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco, they are still consulting with prosecutors to decide the level of murder charge Brandon Machetto would face.

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