Jamie Lynn Spears' three-year-old daughter sings Britney Spears' Up N' Down track

Britney Spears got her straight at a very young age, and it looks like Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter is looking to get an even earlier start at the age of three.

Maddie Briann made her singing debut over on YouTube over the weekend with a cover of her aunt's tune "Up N' Down". It's probably not the most appropriate thing for a kid to be singing, but darn if it isn't still cute.

"OMG! Check out my niece Maddie covering Aunt Britney's Up N Down," Britney Spears said of her niece's debut. "Sooooo adorable!"

Up N' Down is a bonus track from Britney Spears' seventh studio album, Femme Fatale, released on March 25. Since the album's release, Femme Fatale has gone on to sell over half a million copies, over 200,000 of which was sold in the first week alone.

Enough about Britney, though - go ahead and check out Maddie's cover of Up N' Down below.