Electronic Joint Has Arrived: Would You Light It Up?

The electronic joint is the latest entry into the smokeable products market, and already the company E-Njoint is hoping to do for marijuana what the sister product did for tobacco use, reports Yahoo!

Both products utilize vaporizers, but in the case of the electronic joint one of the key ingredients needed to feel the "full effects" is left up to you: THC. That's right; the company's vaporizing liquid contains no THC, so if you want to reproduce that Mary Jane feeling, you'll need to add a little of your own to the mix.

(This omission is done by design to keep the product legal.)

However, the company is working with a medical company to develop pot extracts to market as health products to medical users.

If you get your hands on one any time soon, however, you'll need to be well-versed at creating your own pot extracts (or knowing where to purchase some) in order to get the full benefit out of the electronic joint. You can also add pot directly.

In spite of the added headache of DIY vaporizing, E-Njoint is doing bang-up business, producing 10,000 of their vaporizers per day.

Unfortunately for U.S. stoners, the e-joints are not available stateside at this time. To get your own, you'll need to hit up the Netherlands or France.

And we know you'll want to, especially if the popularity of the electronic cigarette is any guide. According to a January 2013 report from The Inquisitr, it was estimated that e-cigarettes might surpass the use of traditional cigarettes eventually.

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) have emerged in the market in recent years as the latest thing in the fight against smoking. Instead of igniting a cigarette and inhaling thousands of carcinogenic chemicals, the intent behind the e-cig is to inhale "e-smoke," generated within an atomizer which transforms the "e-liquid," laced with varying intensities of nicotine, into vapor.

People like to mimic the experience they have with a traditional cigarette. E-cigs often resemble the "real thing" in design. Companies attempt to recreate the look, heat, taste, smell, and feel of smoking tobacco. However, there are other types of "personal vaporizers" that vary in size, color, and style. Unlike regular cigarettes, smokers are often able to use their e-cigarettes in areas like restaurants and bars that have bans on regular smoking.

Ideally, the goal of the e-cig is to break free of both the physical and psychological traps of traditional smoking, by lessening exposure to other chemicals as well as gradually reducing the intensity of nicotine.

Do you think the electronic joint could have a similar healthier effect for marijuana users, or is it even worth the concern?