Greyson Chance Drops Debut Album, ‘Hold on Til the Night’

Last April, teen vocalist Greyson Chance drew millions of views on YouTube when his rendition of Lady GaGa’s hit song Paparazzi hit the web, almost instantly going viral.

Today, just weeks before his 14th birthday, the young singer celebrates a much bigger milestone in his life – the release of his debut album, “Hold On ‘Til the Night.”

Although Chance described the the 10-track album as his biggest thrill thus far in life, he admitted that recording it wasn’t always a smooth ride.

“I had some bad experiences in the studio with some of the producers when I started,” he said. “I think a lot of people didn’t understand what I was trying to do. I was trying to make this really open album, and I wanted a pop-rock record. And so when I first started it was really hard. But then I found some producers that I really loved, and they really respect me, musically and creatively. I really put my creative opinion and thought into this record, and that’s why I think it turned out so well, is it’s real. It’s not a fake record.”

Besides marking his first album’s release, August is also a big month for Chance because he will tape his small-screen acting debut.

“It’s a very exciting time to be me,” he said, laughing. “I’m so excited for the record. For my birthday, I’m actually going to be filming ‘Raising Hope.’ I’m going to be guest-starring on that TV show, and I’m very excited for it.”

via NewsOk