Watch ‘Dracula Untold’ Trailer, First Look At Luke Evans As Vlad The Impaler [Video]

A dark, intense first trailer for the new Luke Evans film, Dracula Untold has been unofficially released online. Universal’s origins take on the papa of all vampires shows us a new take on the well-known character.

There is a reason they call Dracula “The Prince of Darkness” and in this new trailer it is all very apparent. We take a better look at Luke Evans in his first starring role, taking on one of the most iconic characters in movies, with a twist.

In Dracula Untold, Luke Evans plays a different vampire, or at least, his role is more than just sucking blood from unsuspecting, sleeping females. The film is all about what happened to turn this man, Prince Vlad, into a hunted soul, who lived forever.

Based on the Bram Stroker novel, Dracula, the film is called an origins story, because it explains what happened to Vlad to turn into darkness. After all he was a loving husband and father, who wasn’t always a terrifying creature.

Many outlets are comparing the looks of Luke Evans’ character to that of Christian Bale in Batman Begins. Do you see it?

Dracula Untold new poster

Dracula Untold may be Luke Evans’ first starring role, but the talented Welsh actor has been working very hard in some very high profile films in the last few years. You may have seen him in films such as The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug, Fast & Furious 7, The Raven, and the horror film No One Lives.

In an interview with Collider, Luke Evans gave a little tease about what else we can expect with him in the role of Vlad, for which he took on a completely new set of skills:

“It’s a massive, sweeping story about the man behind a fictional character. We start in the 1400′s and It’s about this character, this historical figure Vlad Tepes who was a king and a leader, an immense warrior, he had the love and respect of his people, and it’s about him as much as it’s about his transformation and what makes him turn into this creature of the night, this vampire. It’s an origin story, if you will. It’s a huge story. There’s a massive amount of emotional thread and it has all the elements you’d want from a sweeping drama about a time long gone.”

Dracula Untold poster

Luke Evans added that for Dracula Untold he had to be a part of some “massive” fight scenes. These were very different than any he had done before:

“The fight sequences I did on Dracula are enormous, they’re absolutely enormous. There are points where I was fighting literally hundreds of people and they were all there, hundreds of stunt men.”

Dracula Untold will horrify audiences just in time for Halloween. The Gary Shore film opens in the U.S. on October 17.

UPDATE: Universal has apparently taken down all copies of the trailer, as it was not an official release. If you missed it, stay tuned to The Inquisitr for the studio release.

UPDATE #2: Universal has now released the official trailer. Watch it below:

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