Father Heads Out On First Date In A Long Time, Who He Takes Out Will Put A Smile On Your Face [VIDEO]

There are some things that are just too adorable.

Case in point, Annalynne Dickson and her father, Aaron.

Aaron wanted to do something amazing for his little girl. Trying to think of what he could do, he decided that it would be special to take his daughter on a date.

Getting dressed up, the father admits just how nervous he is as it has been a while since he has been on a date. Putting the finishing touches on his suit and tie, he walks out the front door and returns to ring the door bell.

The door begins to crack slowly as the father gets on his knees. Waiting for him behind the door is one of the most adorable little girls you'll ever see. She jumps up and down, excited for her "date" with her dad.

Sporting her favorite pink dress, Annalynne enjoys dinner on the back porch, complete with Disney princess cups, followed by an afternoon on the playground in a day that doesn't get much better.

This video that shows the love between a father and daughter is a heartwarming story that shows just how much it means to spend time with your kids.

What do you think of Aaron's date with his little girl?

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