June 23, 2014
Laura Prepon Will Be Back For Every 'Orange Is The New Black' Episode Next Season

Laura Prepon is no longer acting coy when it comes to Orange Is The New Black. Following the closing first season of the Netflix show there was a lot of talk about how exciting it is to see a diverse cast of women on an excellent series. The other key element being discussed was the cast members and if they would stay or go. Laura Prepon in particular became the main focus of whether or not she would make it to the second season. At the time there were a lot reports going around that she had a problem with the risque nature of the girl-on-girl sex scenes due to her Scientology beliefs.

In the end, it took months before the rumors got swept under the rug, and even then, while we were promised that she would be in the second season, the show's creator Jenji Kohan wasn't that forthcoming with details on how scaled down Prepon would be. As it turned out the actress was only in four episodes of Orange Is The New Black's second season.

This year, Laura Prepon is being very upfront with what fans can expect for her screen time on the third season of the hit Netflix show. According to Us Weekly, Laura's character, Alex Vause, will be in every episode of the upcoming season. Alex's fate was up in the air when the second season of the show ended. Her character was sent into witness protection but was uncovered by Kubra who she gave up during her testimony for a lighter sentence. When we last left Alex she was living in fear of her being murdered by one of Kurbra's lackeys. When the season came to a close it seemed like Alex would either be murdered or spiral into mania in her shoe box of an apartment. Either way it didn't really look promising for a Laura Prepon filled season.

Despite Alex Vause's sticky situation, the actress revealed that she will be back for every episode of season 3. At the Critics' Choice awards, which awarded the series with a few honors, Prepon said that scheduling was the main reason behind her scaled down role in the second season.

"It sucked because [show creator] Jenji Kohan and I wanted me to be in it more, but with the schedule, it didn't happen. "I was so bummed out. But I handled it, so I'm in every [episode] in season three. It is so good."

Are you looking forward to the third season of Orange Is The New Black?

[Image via Netflix]