June 23, 2014
Ever Wanted To Crawl In A Hole? This Rock Band Fail Might Make You Feel A Little Better About Yourself [VIDEO]

Ever just wanted to crawl into a hole? Odds are that these kids did as this incredible rock band fail left a group of young kids stunned as their Weezer cover took a turn towards disastrous.

Performing as part of Michigan-based Grosse Pointe Music Academy's "Rock Band Recital," Henry Ayrault and his friends were showcasing their rendition of Weezer's popular hit "Undone -- The Sweater Song," when YouTube gold was born.

The opening went as planned, offering up that recognizable intro to the Weezer song that any fan would identify.

However, as soon as Henry came in with the the vocals and keys, the song came to an abrupt halt as the keyboard stand gave way and the keyboard slammed into the ground.

Talk about awkward.

"'We just stopped for about two minutes, making sure everything was in tune and putting the keyboard back,' Henry told Yahoo's Trending Now about the rock band fail.'"

"And we just went on with our song," Henry recalled casually.

As sparse applause scattered across the auditorium, you can't help by feel sorry for Henry and his friends as they just look so helpless in the situation. Ultimately though, the kid handled it like a champ.

"When it fell, I was kind of surprised," noted Henry. "But then I kept my composure."

What do you think about this funny rock band fail? Have you ever experienced something like this personally?

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