International Orgasm Day Orgy Cancelled. Please Update Your Calendars.

A massive orgy in honor of International Orgasm Day has been cancelled — ironically enough, due to too much pressure.

The International Orgasm Day Orgy

An Israeli group had apparently planned a 250-person sex fest to take place on International Orgasm Day. (The “holiday” took place on December 21st — who knew?) The idea, according to Israeli media, was to “promote world peace through multiple orgasms.”

A religious organization called the Raelian movement was the driving force behind the idea. The group, by the way, believes aliens led to our creation.

But its International Orgasm Day orgy simply wasn’t meant to be. The venue where it had been scheduled received numerous threats from naysayers, reports — hence the aforementioned pressure — and its owner decided to back out as a result.

About International Orgasm Day

As for International Orgasm Day itself, this year was evidently the third annual occurrence. There’s even an online store for the thing. Here’s how it’s described by the kind folks over at

It’s the Third Annual Global Orgasm for Peace, and war still rages around the world. The bully-boy Alpha-Mask Men everywhere are still looking for ways to prove their manhood through destruction and slaughter, with the support of global corporations that act without accountability to keep us all divided and fearful.

It’s time for a new paradigm of partnership with each other and the Earth; of joy in life
and love. An Evolutionary Revolution of Partnership and Fourth-Wave Feminism, with women guiding men towards loving mindfulness; women and men lowering the birth-rate to one child per woman; men learning from women new definitions of “progress”; less dependence on the ‘stuff’ we are told we need; of conscious intention for harmony between the sexes, the races and our species and the rest of the world we share.

It can all begin with all of us feeling our personal peace and joy, then launching it out to the world.

Launching it out to the world, indeed. You might want to avoid walking by the windows of the organization’s headquarters on December 21 of next year.