Parent Has The Right Gizmo To Find His Hiding Kid In Target [VIDEO]

A parent just solved one of the most scariest — and probably common — situations to occur whenever they go out to stores with children: hiding. Fortunately for this parent, he had the right gizmo to find his kid hidden within the racks of clothing. And if you didn’t know, this is just the latest video from the YouTube channel, Action Movie Kid.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Action Movie Kid is actually the result of a dad making his son’s superhero dreams come true. The dad is actually Daniel Hashimoto, who is a visual department artist at Dreamworks, the same company responsible for the spectacular movie How To Train Your Dragon 2, which we rounded up reviews and gave our approval for, despite not meeting opening weekend expectations.

Anyway, Hashimoto, or Hashi as he likes to be called, made the following video while he was with his son at Target. Just like most young kids, they can be hyper and consider any store to be a large playground, probably the best place for the ultimate game of “hide-and-seek.” But for parents, that is — like I wrote earlier — a nightmare. With most retail stores of that caliber being a decent size and all the news of abductions and children going missing, I would understand too. So having a infrared option on a smartphone would definitely be a plus for parents.

So what do you think? Wouldn’t the software upgrade on a smartphone be worthwhile for parents, especially those who have kids that love to run off? Parents, aren’t you excited about this? I know I am.

[Image via Action Movie Kid’s How To Find Your Kid at Target Video]