Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Is Brandon Weeden Enough Tony Romo Insurance?

Dallas Cowboys rumors about the quarterback situation are causing all kinds of crazy conversations. With Tony Romo still recovering from a devastating back injury he suffered last season and Kyle Orton likely retiring, Brandon Weeden is left to pick up the pieces in training camp. Weeden has been taking all the first team reps through OTA’s and the early part of training camp for the Dallas Cowboys.

While it is no big deal for Weeden to pass Kyle Orton on the Cowboy’s depth chart as the back up quarterback, the starting job is another question. Tony Romo has had a maddening career, well documented with highs and lows. But over the course of his eight seasons of starting for the Dallas Cowboys, it seems strange to talk about anyone else as the potential starter. Reality may be starting to set in for the 34-year-old.

Although Tony Romo is itching to get back onto the field, so much so that he traded jerseys with third string QB Caleb Hanie last week, there are concerns about his back injury. At his age, it is very difficult for any quarterback to suffer a serious injury. Peyton Manning has managed to complete a comeback late in his career from neck surgery, but he may be the exception. While Dallas Cowboys rumors have not had much to say about the injury to Tony Romo, it is a concern.

Every NFL team has to be looking at the present and the future when it comes to quarterbacks. The Dallas Cowboys have had a long line of QB’s under the microscope and Romo is no different. But as they look to the future, there are far more questions than answers. The Cowboys signed Brandon Weeden to two year, $1.7 million deal in March, presumably as insurance in the Kyle Orton madness. Many thought the Cowboys would also draft a QB this year, like Johnny Manziel, but instead they decided to stay with Weeden as their back up.

Can Brandon Weeden handle the load of being the future QB in Dallas? His short stint in Cleveland would suggest that the former Oklahoma State Cowboy may not be NFL starting quarterback material. Weeden’s two seasons in Cleveland produced a QB rating of 71.8 and he threw 26 interceptions. Either Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are in denial about the health of Tony Romo or they are looking to make a huge splash through trade.

Otherwise, they are hoping Brandon Weeden will be enough insurance for Tony Romo. Meanwhile, Dallas Cowboys fans are working on their get well soon cards.

[Image via the Star Telegram]