Father And Daughter Duo Give Chase To Thieves Who Robbed Their House [Video]

Addam Corré

A father and daughter duo from Houston, Texas, took the law into their own hands on Friday and gave chase to thieves who robbed their house.

The father in this heroic duo, a plastic surgeon, was picked up by his daughter from the airport following a business trip. But when they returned home they found a group of men in the driveway of their house.

The pair courageously chased the thieves, who were in a red pickup truck, while the father filmed the car chase on his cellphone while his daughter drove. Talk about father and daughter bonding time.

During the chase the father and daughter were able to ram the truck, but then the three men inside turned the tables and reversed into their Audi. The daughter can be heard asking her father in the video: "Dad, now what do I do?"

The duo chased the truck for a few miles until the suspects turned their vehicle around and aimed it, head-on, at the pair. At that point, the truck comes toward them at speed with the passenger of the truck hanging from the door.

When the cars collided, the truck was forced into a ditch. Police arrived moments later on the scene and arrested two of the three men. The third man escaped.

Of course, following the incident the police advised the public not to take the law into their own hands in this fashion.

But the brave father, who refused to be identified for legal reasons, told KHOU that he would do it again:

"It was just like in the movies. I'm tired of these people taking advantage of us," he said, adding that there have been other robberies in the neighborhood. "We're not going to tolerate it anymore in our neighborhood."

On top of that, the proud father praised his daughter's actions: "I'm proud of my daughter... She is a very hard-nosed girl," he said.