Former Army Dog Trainer Arrested For Aggravated Animal Cruelty

Ryan Matthews, a six-year Army veteran dog trainer was arrested on Monday. The Off Leash Dog Training owner was charged with the aggravated animal cruelty of a Belgian malinois.

Matthew’s was reported to the Larimer Humane Society by an employee of his dog training facility who said she witnessed the dog being beaten, a beating that was caught on the company’s surveillance video.

According to police records Matthews slammed the dogs muzzled nose into the facilities sheetrock wall, leaving a hole in the wall, he then reportedly “body slammed’ the dog into a carpeted concrete floor and kicked the dogs side and legs repeatedly before striking it with a closed fist.

A veterinarian found no “significant injuries” on the dog named Montage however Matthews could still face up to 18 months in prison and a fine up to $100,000.

On his company website Matthews claims to be certified as a Narcotic Dog Handler, Explosive Dog Handler, and Patrol/Attack Dog Handler.

Matthews is currently free on $500 bail.