Attorney Helps Californians With Foreclosures, Offers Workshop

James Johnson

Foreclosures and the process that follows them can bring added stress to families who are under water, however to help with that stress an organization in California is offering free sessions to educate homeowners about their options.

The Neighborhood Community Foundation setup the "Save Your Home: Foreclosure Prevention Workshop" which runs from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Wednesday at Hampton Inn & Suites, 2875 Foxfield, St. Charles.

The organization isn't the first to take on the needs of distressed homeowners, nonprofits around the country have stepped up over the last several years to help homeowners understand the foreclosure process, understand their legal rights and find solutions that don't involve losing their homes.

Adam S. Tracy, a Chicago area foreclosure defense attorney tells the Suntimes:

"Many American home­owners currently in foreclosure are being victimized by fraudulent actions from lenders and/or lawyers," while adding, "Knowledge is power, and homeowners can more effectively fight foreclosure by knowing about the process and understanding how it directly applies to their situation."

The workshop in California, like many others around the country is being used to show homeowners the most common types of errors and violations found in loan documents which can help stop foreclosure eviction, while receiving proper instruction on how to avoid foreclosures all together.

According to the SunTimes the program includes loan modifications, federal foreclosure programs, loan audits and other issues.