Star Trek 3 Release Date Confirmed For 2016

The Star Trek 3 release date has been confirmed by Paramount for 2016 and trekkies everywhere will probably be looking forward to celebrating the 50th anniversary of the series.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, physicists recently claimed that a Star Trek teleportation device may really be possible thanks to a new experiment… which also happened to prove Albert Einstein wrong! Even Star Trek medical technology is being proven to be possible, including the medical tricorder and the suspended animation that was used in the last Star Trek movie to save Captain Kirk’s life. NASA is even putting together plans to make a Star Trek style warp speed capable spacecraft, although there is not any news on whether they would call it the Enterprise.

It was previously announced that director J.J. Abrams was replaced for Star Trek 3, although not much else is known about the movie plot, or even who will be returning to the cast. Screen Rant explains what this all means:

“Since producer and screenwriter Roberto Orci was recently reported to be set as director for Star Trek 3, it was fairly safe to assume that the production would clash with previous director J.J. Abrams’ commitment to the newStar Wars trilogy, and that therefore Paramount is planning to set things in motion for Star Trek 3 fairly soon. Sure enough, Paramount Pictures International SVP, EMEA Edward Ryan has now announced that Star Trek 3 is coming in 2016 (also the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek brand, by no coincidence), along with several other major Paramount releases.”

In addition to the Star Trek 3 release date, it was also rumored that a new Star Trek TV series may be in the works as one of the Netflix originals. Unfortunately, Star Trek author Larry Nemecek confirmed there is no Star Trek TV series in the works, so we’ll just have to be satisfied with what the movies will bring us..