Nate Estimada Dead: ‘Midknight Cowboy’ From ‘Men Of The Strip’ Commits Suicide

Nate Estimada died on Wednesday, June 18. Also known as the “Midknight Cowboy,” Estimada was part of the male revue show Men of the Strip. According to TMZ, the entertainer committed suicide. Police say that Estimada drove his Mustang 40 mph off a cliff and dropped 40 feet into a landfill below. A toxicology report will determine whether or not there were drugs or alcohol in Estimada’s system at the time of his life-ending drive. No foul play is suspected and police do believe that Estimada’s cliff-plunge was intentional.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the 24-year-old was part of MOTS for over two years. He loved to entertain people and it was easy to see how much he enjoyed his work. It is unknown just how many people, if any, knew of the demons Estimada was facing on the inside. When he was on stage, he was always smiling, just having fun.

According to Estimada’s personal Facebook page, you’d never even know that he was depressed or having suicidal thoughts. The “about me” section on the page revealed that he enjoyed working out, recording comedy skits, playing guitar, and working on his Mustang in his spare time.

Nate Estimada’s death was confirmed by the Men of the Strip Facebook page, though his cause of death was unknown until today:

“Management & cast of ‘Men of the Strip’ is extremely saddened at the loss of one of our own. Cast member Nate Estimada passed away on Wednesday, June 18th. We are heartbroken at the loss of our brother and friend and send our deepest condolences to his family, loved ones, friends and fans. Our thoughts and prayers are with them all at this time.”

Estimada made a lot of friends as part of MOTS and his death was nothing short of tragic. Those who knew him best have been tweeting about how much they will miss him. It sounds like he was a wonderful guy and a joy to be around.

As the guys deal with this tragedy and prepare for a very hard goodbye, they canceled their show tonight at Treasure Island Resort and Casino in Minnesota. It is unknown whether or not they will cancel any more tour dates. Their next show is scheduled for July 3 in Kansas. You can see the full MOTStouring schedule here.

Also, check out a video of their show that aired as a two-hour “reality movie” on E! earlier this month:

[Photo courtesy of Facebook]