3 Months Later, Confusion Still Surrounds 'Designated' Search Area For The Missing Malaysian Airlines MH370

The Malaysian Airlines MH370 flight went missing over 3 months ago. Despite valiant efforts by authorities in one of the most treacherous regions of the world, there is still no clue about the ill-fated jet. As reported by The Inquisitr, the Australian government, which is spearheading the search, has decided to shift the search hundreds of miles to the south in the Indian Ocean.

As reported by IBT, Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) chief Martin Dolan has confirmed that the search teams would focus on an area 1,800 kilometers (1,100 miles) off the city of Perth. ATSB officials now believe that this new region could be the final resting place of the missing Malaysian Airlines jet.

The Australian Government Has Now Shifted The 'Target Area' 1800 To The South
The Australian Government Has Now Shifted The 'Target Area' 1800 To The South

On a few earlier occasions Australian government was confident that the missing Malaysia Airlines plane was not in the Indian Ocean search zone where underwater "pings" were previously detected, reported DNA. Navies around the world have on numerous occasions claimed to have "heard" pings of the Flight Data Recorder or Blackbox of MH370. Based on the triangulation of the data, the Australian Government had even earmarked a 60,000 kilometer area where the plane most likely could have crashed.

Apparently the confusion ensued when Australian search authorities, based on a U.S. navy officer's doubts whether the signals were indeed from a plane's black box flight recorder, made the announcement that would now try to look elsewhere. In recent times, many more incidents of shoddy response have come forth, most notable among them being the leaked report that clearly indicated severe lapse in ensuring protocol was correctly followed.

If that's not damaging enough, the ATSB has apparently said that its search for the ill-fated plane in the previous target area is over and that the newly earmarked area can now be assumed to be the final resting place of the Malaysian Airlines MH370 Boeing 787 jet.

Officials with the Australian government, who not only deployed multiple unmanned autonomous submarines but have also decided to appoint a third-party salvager for the Malaysian Airlines jet, have concluded that the pings the navies heard were never from the missing jet in the first place.

Interestingly, so far there has been no conclusive argument presented by the Australian government as to why the search area was moved to the south of Perth.

[Image Credit | Reuters via The Telegraph, IB Times]