You Won’t Believe The Horribly Trivial Reason A Man Died Even After Being Pulled Alive From A Burning Home

Death frequently follows fires, whether they take place in a domestic or an industrial setting. However, a man recently died moments after being pulled out from a burning home. Incidentally he survived the raging fire, but breathed his last breath outside his home.

An 84-year-old man was pulled from a burning home on N. 5th Street near Meinecke Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Friday night (June 20). He was alive when he was extracted, but was pronounced “dead at the scene” by emergency paramedic personnel.

Though detailed investigations are still pending, emergency crews were called by neighbors after witnessing heavy smoke billowing from the premises. According to locals, emergency crews reached the scene at 9:40 pm Upon arrival, quick discussions with the neighbors confirmed the fact that an elderly resided on the premises, reported Fox News.

A quick search party of firefighters bravely entered the home and extracted the 84-year-old man. After bringing the blaze under control, fire-fighters were able to confirm that the man was the sole occupant at that time, reported Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. So far, the identity of the man hasn’t been released.

Though the crew successfully pulled out the elderly man within two minutes, he died moments after. Preliminary investigations indicate that the fire started due to electrical short-circuit which might have caused sparking.

But what was truly unfortunate was the fact that the home didn’t have any “functioning” smoke detectors. A quick survey of the now-ruined home indicated that, though the home had smoke detectors placed at strategic locations, none of them were working. Perhaps in need of a fresh set of batteries, the smoke detectors are suspected to have been dead for quite some time.

With no working smoke detectors in the house, there was no alerting mechanism that could have raised an alarm. Though the man himself wouldn’t have been able to bring the fire under control, at least he could have escaped, explained one of the firefighters at the scene.

Smoke detectors have a continuously beeping alarm that does indicate when it is in need of a battery change, though it’s unclear as to why all the smoke detectors had stopped functioning completely.

Now the firefighters have decided to conduct a door-to-door visit checking homes for working smoke alarms in the area surrounding the home where this fire occurred. It is urged that home owners inspect their smoke alarms and make sure they are in working order to ensure lives are spared.

[Image Credit | Inquisitr]