Thug Tries To Rob Store Belonging To Ex-Special Forces Vet

A would-be robber in Arizona picked the wrong establishment in late April, finding out the hard way that its ex-Special Forces owner wasn’t about to be intimidated.

As MailOnline reports, the incident was captured on a surveillance video that shows the thug entering the Tuscon-area Axis food mart. Store owner Maen Mdanat was sitting in his office when he overheard the would-be robber telling a clerk that he wanted money. The businessman came to the aid of his employee and showed the man out the door, but on the way outside, the thug punched Mdanat in the face. It was a big mistake: little did the robber know at the time, but Mdanat is a veteran of the U.S. Army’s Special Forces, and wasn’t about to take the sucker punch lying down.

The video shows the middle-aged veteran taking the robber to the ground with just a few swift kicks and punches. As the thug hits the parking lot outside the store, he continued to show resistance, earning a few extra blows from Mdanat just to get the point across. According to KVOA-TV, a local Tuscon station, Mdanat said the robber “was comfortable walking in, showing his muscle, like, ‘I can do whatever I want.’” The Special Forces veteran added that while the robber might have communicated that message walking in to the Axis food mart, “I changed his idea when he walked out.”

After Mdanat managed to subdue the robber, he took a moment to make sure the man was not badly hurt. When asked why he did so by KVOA, the Special Forces veteran shrugged and replied, “I’m still human, I have kids and a wife.” Mdanat allowed the robber to walk away from the scene after the fight.

Unfortunately, altercations such as Mdanat’s don’t always end so well. As The Inquisitr reported earlier this week, a convenience store clerk in Vermont found himself out of a job after he confronted a knife-wielding would-be robber with a concealed handgun that he brought to work. The man voluntarily quit his job after being suspended for the incident, due to the fact that carrying a gun to work violated the company’s policy.

As for Mdanat, the former Special Forces soldier says that he doesn’t fear any retaliation, hoping instead that the robber learned something from the altercation.

[Images via MailOnline]