Store Clerk Has Staring Contest With Robber Using A Gun [Video]

In this video, a store clerk has a staring contest with a robber using a gun… and surprisingly enough, the clerk wins the night!

In a related report by The Inquisitr, another amazing video shows a tiny karate girl thrashing a child kidnapper when he attempts to grab her in an elevator. Instead of getting away with a crime, the man instead finds himself trying to escape from the little girl as she pounds him into the floor.

While this other video is not nearly as action based it is still fairly amazing. The CCTV captures a thug with a black ski mask approaching the register. When the convenience store clerk comes into view, the armed robber pulls his gun and points it gangster style directly into the man’s face. You can tell the guy is making demands but the store clerk just stares him down until he gives up and leaves the store.

The YouTube video does not tell us too much about what happened but it does tell us the name of the brave store clerk:

“Crime doesn’t pay, especially for the man who tired and failed to rob a convenience store in Victoria, Australia. The masked man was thwarted by employee…. In only his sixth week on the job, night shift worker Steve Ewart flatly refused to hand over any money. Come for the robbery action, stay for the sideways pistol grip, then leave. Cashless.”

Could you stare down an armed robber like this store clerk? Do you think he was being brave or foolish?