Reporter Splits Pants On Live TV, Results In The GIF Of The Day

Reporter Splits Pants on Live TV

The scenario played out like this. A high school cheerleader from a local school challenged Chris to a toe touch competition on live TV. The cheerleader goes first showing off her impressive toe touch, with a hurt ankle I might add. Next it is Chris’ turn. He performs an amazing toe touch, but midair his pants split down the seam. Not only do you get the hilarious visual, but in the video you can actually hear the seam pop.

Another reporter in the studio is heard saying:

Was that a tendon or a seam popping?

You can watch the video below courtesy of the WXII Youtube Channel.

Luckily Chris and the station took to Instagram to make light of the situation even including the hashtag #wardrobemalfunction in their post. Chris has been a good sport about the whole ordeal even noting the positive, “Good news: he was wearing underwear.”

Chris Lea Pants

Twitter also lit up with some fantastic responses.

Live television mishaps are not that uncommon. A viral video of a reporter who passed out during a live TV interview went viral last year.

What do you think of reporter Chris Lea’s pants malfunction? How many times did you watch the resulting GIF?

[Image Credit: WXII]