George Clooney’s Famous ‘Best Man’ Revealed

George Clooney’s wedding planning with his bride-to-be Amal Alamuddin is underway and now details about what those wedding pictures will look like is being pieced together. George Clooney’s aunt Staria has revealed that his best man is extremely epic and will probably surprise no one if going by their bromantic friendship that’s often put on display.

George’s aunt revealed to theDaily Mail that she’s pretty sure that Brad Pitt will act as Clooney’s best man. Staria, who is married to Clooney’s uncle Joe Clooney, revealed, “They are good friends, I would think that’s who he’d choose.”

George Clooney and Brad Pitt have been friends for years. Although the two were on friendly terms, their friendship really blossomed back in 2001 when they hit the screen together in Ocean’s Eleven. Since then they followed that up with Ocean’s Twelve, Ocean’s Thirteen, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and Burn After Reading.

In addition to their working relationship with Brad Pitt, the two are ultimate pranksters. Back in 2012 Clooney said:

“Brad Pitt’s brutal, and Matt Damon. My friends used to change my outgoing phone message all the time. This was the old days, when you had a phone machine. They would change the message to something horrible and there was nothing I could do to change it back. That was always brilliant.”

Although the two are extremely busy they do make some time for each other. George told The Hollywood Reporter back in 2012 that Pitt has been to his home in Lake Como and that they motorcycle together.

Clooney’s relationship with Pitt isn’t just your typical showmanship bromance. The Oceans 11 actor has opened up about how much he enjoys Pitt’s company and admires him as an actor and a person. Clooney once told Larry Kingabout his possible “best man.”

“We’re partners. We have a company together and we have sort of this life’s too short rule and the life’s too short rule for us is work with actors that are good and enjoy what they do and don’t make other people unhappy. I think we’re very lucky and very privileged to be here.”

As for his wedding to fiancé Amal Alamuddin, Aunt Staria said that a wedding in Italy is probably not too far off.

“I do know that Nick and Nina [George’s parents] are planning a trip over to Italy in the next week or so to, I guess, scope out some stuff.”

We’ll keep you posted as more news about George’s upcoming nuptials leaks out.

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