Scotty McCreery Owes $239K To Former Manager: 'American Idol' Alum 'Pleased' With Result

A jury ruled this week that Scotty McCreery owes his former manager Todd Cassetty $239,329. The legal battle between the two has been going on for some time, but now a resolution is in place and the American Idol star actually says he is pleased with the result. Though there were multiple issues tied into the lawsuit, ultimately the focus was on the amount Scotty owed Todd, as the two had been unable to agree on an appropriate amount.

According to Taste of Country, McCreery hired Cassetty briefly in 2012 and their relationship ended in early 2013. Their agreement reportedly was never put into writing, and Cassetty claimed he was not compensated properly. Cassetty filed a lawsuit seeking an amount of $570,000.

On Wednesday, the jury made a decision on the case. While Scotty McCreery owes Cassetty some money, it's only half of what the manager sought. The American Idol winner says that he's "very pleased with the management fee ruling of only $239,000, which was less than half of the $570,000 Mr. Cassetty requested."

McCreery goes on to say that he always intended to pay Cassetty and he offered payment more than once. However, the country star felt that the $570,000 sum was way too high for the length of time they worked together. Scotty adds that "it has been difficult to risk having my reputation challenged," but he always felt that things would be sorted out properly.

The Tennessean notes that there were some other issues at play in the Scotty McCreery lawsuit, but the claims were dismissed by those involved and Chancellor Carol McCoy. The determination that Scotty McCreery owes Cassetty $239,000 comes after emails were introduced in the case showing that Scotty told Todd he would be "a large 15 percent touring check... this month." However, his later offer amounted to only 2 percent of what Cassetty thought he was owed.

As Examiner notes, McCreery hasn't commented about the jury award via social media at this point. The country star has a lot of engagements on his calendar these days, and despite the lawsuit it doesn't appear that he's missing any beats. The immensely popular American Idol winner has had his fair share of rocky moments this year, as he was involved in a home invasion not long ago too. At this point, though, it looks like things should be settling down now. Judging by the support across social media, McCreery's fans are standing by his side regardless of his former manager's assertions. Did the singer get a fair shake when the jury determined that Scotty McCreery owed $239,000 to Todd Cassetty?

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