June 20, 2014
Scott Derrickson Is Stoked For Doctor Strange Film!

Scott Derrickson is truly stoked to be directing Marvel's upcoming Doctor Strange film.

The acclaimed horror director was interviewed by Joblo on wednesday and the Doctor Strange director was ecstatic.

"I wanted it really bad. More than any other project I've gone after," Derrickson said. "I felt compelled to do everything in my power to get on that project."

Directing Doctor Strange won't be too much of a stretch for the horror-minded Derrickson. Co-created by the same guys that came up with Spiderman - Stan Lee and Steve Ditko - Doctor Strange first appeared in Strange Tales #110 in 1963. Decades before the updated Sandman was even a twinkle in Neil Gaiman's eye, the original Doctor Strange tales spoke of black magic, eastern mysticism, strange cosmology, and were read and re-read for hidden meaning by Doctor Strange fans everywhere. The Doctor Strange tales were so off the wall that many wondered whether their creators were druggies (something that couldn't be further from the truth in the case of Mr. Lee and Mr. Ditko).

"I feel such an affinity for the character and the story and ambition of those comics," Derrickson said, "especially the original Stan Lee and Steve Ditko 'Strange Tales' -- I think those are my favorite of all of them. The entire history of the comics is extraordinary."

Being such a fan of the original Doctor Strange stories, one has to wonder if the artwork Ditko did in them -- often likened to Salvador Dali mixed with pulp-fiction, noir artscapes -- will translate via Derrickson onto the big screen.

When asked about the fan reaction to Marvel choosing him to direct Doctor Strange, Derrickson said, "I think the nicest surprise for me, the most unexpected surprise, is the positive reaction. Both to me getting the film -- I guess I expected the detractors, and they just haven't been there, it's all been quite positive. More than that, it's just a general enthusiasm for 'Doctor Strange.'"

Rumors abound as to the casting of Doctor Strange. Moviefone has stated that everyone from Jared Leto to Benedict Cumberbatch to Tom Hardy have been considered, but thus for there's been no confirmation.

No firm release date has been set as of yet for Derrickson's Doctor Strange film.