Top 8 Dangers Of Flappy Bird Addiction

Flappy Bird emerged on the app market and flapped straight to the top (shouldn’t it have fluttered around the center, though?), but there may be previously unconsidered risks to getting overly involved in the game. Here are eight Flappy Bird dangers we found on Twitter:

It can send philosophical thinking into overdrive.

Have you ever started to play Flappy Bird and thought it was just like your life?

Flappy Bird can, apparently, lead to divorce.

This is why you marry someone who can stand to lose.

Flappy Bird can lead to a busted phone.

No, seriously.

It can cause you to get extremely drunk.

We don’t really recommend playing this Flappy Bird drinking game. It is bound to be very short and end badly.

Flappy Bird can get you into trouble with your boss…

It’s probably not a good idea to tell your boss that Flappy Bird is why you’re late.

..or your teacher.

Flappy Bird in class is a bad idea. Really.

Playing Flappy Bird in class is difficult because I can’t punch things around me when I die

— Meaghan Mackey (@MackeyMeaghan) February 5, 2014

Unless, of course, your teacher plays in class too.

If your teacher is playing Flappy Bird on the projector, though, your education may be in danger. (We’ll assume this went along with the lesson!)

We play flappy bird in class

— Taylor Budnik (@taylorbudnik) February 10, 2014

Flappy Bird may carry a risk of dancing.

Okay, there’s not much better than the feeling of beating your own high score.

If you’ve had your own Flappy Bird problems, add them in the comments!

photo credit: BagoGames via photopin cc