You Won’t Believe Where A 30 Feet Tall Marilyn Monroe Statue Is Lying

Marilyn Monroe was truly a legend of her time and perhaps still inspires many actresses to mimic her famous holding-down-the-dress pose. But perhaps the Chinese have a much different outlook and certainly lack the dedicated fascination for the yesteryear heartthrob of the Americans.

A giant 30 feet tall statute of Marilyn Monroe, which depicted her famous pose from her movie The Seven Year Itch, was cold-heartedly discarded at a dump by the Chinese. The giant statue of Marilyn Monroe was left at the dump site of a garbage collecting company in Guigang, in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

The 30 feet tall statue, made from fine quality stainless steel, weighs about nine tons. It was painstakingly made by several Chinese artists. It took almost two years for the artisans, many of whom were skilled welders and metal cutters, to complete the statue. But merely six months after it was on display outside a business center in the heart of the city, the iconic Monroe Statue was dumped, reported IB Times.

No one knows the real reason yet as to why the company, that commissioned this humongous statute, chose to simply dump it at the local dump site, but perhaps one of them could be the fact that people were often seen taking shelter under the huge flare of Monroe’s dress that rose when she stood beneath a heat vent in the famous movie. The pose came to be known as ‘Forever Marilyn’

Needless to say, it looked very odd that a group of people are standing beneath Monroe’s spread-out dress and one that clearly reveals her undergarments. Additionally, it must have been quite expensive and demanding to maintain the pristine white statue and protect it from the winged vermin, doves, from doing their ‘business’ on top of her.

Interestingly, this isn’t the only giant ‘Forever Marilyn’ statute in the world. Another of the statues is still standing in Hamilton, New Jersey. Built by sculptor Seward Johnson, the ‘Forever Marilyn’ weighs over 17 tones, though ironically, it is as tall as the one that was dumped in China, reported The Desert Sun.

The dumped statue now lays face down at the local dump site where it was transported by dumping contractors a couple of days earlier. The juxtaposition of the glamorous, oversized movie star — her white dress, red lips, sexy pose — in such squalid surroundings is certainly striking. But perhaps in China, Marilyn Monroe may not be as revered as in the U.S.

[Image Credit | Reuters]