Braylon Edwards To Leave Jets Over Financial Constraints

Wide receiver Braylon Edwards will no longer be a New York Jets after the company ran into financial constraints following the five-year deal they signed with Santonio Holmes on Wednesday which reportedly cost the club $50 million.

After the large sum of money was given to Holmes it was Edwards who came out later that same day and said he wanted to stay with the Jets but feared his days were numbers with such a large amount being paid to one player.

Edwards said in a Tweet:

"I would love to be a Jet but the feeling doesn't seem to be mutual with the management."
It really hasn't been a great week for Edwards, he pled guilty in a probation violation hearing in Cleveland Municipal Court this week which left him with 100 hours of community service and one year active probation. Edwards the previous week plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated, while still on active probation from a fight he started with a friend of LeBron James outside of a nightclub.

With Braylon now an afterthought for the team they will focus on re-signing cornerback Antonio Cromartie.

What are your thoughts on the exit of Edwards from the Jets roster?