Guy Picks Up Random Girls In His Lamborghini Without Uttering A Word!

Don’t have the looks or the charisma to get the girl you like? Maybe a couple of millions of dollars could do the trick for you? In yet another social experiment from the serial pranksters at Vitalyzed TV, famous for its prank videos on YouTube, they show a guy hopping around town with his Lamborghini. He randomly stops at a designated street side and uses hand gestures to call random girls standing nearby, towards him. The girls, confused at first, initially refuse to get inside the Lamborghini — but the allure of the expensive car seems too irresistible as the video shows the ladies eventually getting in.

Remember, the guy didn’t utter a single word to make this all happen. All he did was make weird hand gestures and, in the end, pop the doors open. Try doing that with a battered Toyota Corolla!

One of the girls even takes a selfie with the Lamborghini, maybe to brag about later to her friends. We would say it was a brilliant move in terms of her own safety as she had pictorial evidence as to what car she got in and who she was with, in case something happens.

Vitalyzed had done similar experiments in the past where they have shown a poor guy hopelessly trying to pick up a girl in a battered old car. A few minutes later, when an expensive car comes by and tries to pick up the same woman, she happily obliges.

Looks like in today’s materialistic world, the car you ride in matters more than what person you are from the inside. On second thought, who in their right mind would say no for a free joyride inside a Lamborghini, one of the most expensive sports cars money can buy?

[Image via YouTube]