8-Year-Old Designated Driver Gets Pulled Over [Dad of the Year Award]

The "best dad of the year" award goes to Billy Joe Madden, a father who got drunk and then handed the keys to his 8-year-old son during a family trip form Mississippi to Texas. According to report dad passed out, his son began driving and police arrested the drunk parent after receiving an early morning call from a motorist who saw the truck driving erratically by what appeared to be a child driver.

Police pulled over the 8-year-old driver on the Louisiana interstate around 6:30am and they discovered not only his father as a passenger but a 4-year-old sister who was located in the back seat.

Dad was arrested and charged with child desertion, parent allowing a minor to drive, no child restraint, no seatbelt, and carrying an open container in a vehicle.

According to WWLTV both of the children were immediately placed in child protective services care.

In my personal opinion the dad in this incident should be charged with a DUI, after all an 8-year-old swerving all over the road is just as dangerous as driving while drunk.

Special note for drunk parents: Unless your kids are driving a little plastic car like the little girl pictured above, don't hand your kids the car keys to drive your drunk sorry excuse for a parent self home.