Kanye West Blasts Barack Obama: ‘I’m On A Mission From God’

Kanye West seems to be in the news headlines a lot recently, usually connected to the latest drama he is having in his personal life.

But this time Kanye is getting political, and firmly believes that, in his own words, he is on a “mission from God.”

That’s right, Kanye West’s delusions of grandeur now have him thinking he receives prophecy from the Lord Almighty himself. Is there no end to the inflated ego levels of celebrities these days?

Kanye thought he would have a go at none other than the President of the United States, Barack Obama, during an interview he gave to Power106fm:

“You can’t effect change from inside the White House like that… You gotta have the money. Good ideas usually aren’t connected to money as much… Creativity and extreme genius are extremely cheap,” he ranted, referring to the President’s policies on public spending.

In order to deflect any criticism of his clearly cunning plan to save the world, Kanye then went on to tell people not to worry about how he is saying what he is saying. His quote seemed not very well thought out and, at the very least, not put very eloquently:

“Don’t worry about how I’m saying what I’m saying. Look at what I’m saying and how I feel my intent is. You do not want to go against the power. I’m working on one mission, and that’s a mission from God. I’m gonna make it very clear exactly what I’m here to do. I’m here to help. I’m going to apply all the blessings I’ve got. We’re moving to the future. [And] I’m gonna be the anchor.”

Um, what? Is it just me, or did what Kanye West say above simply not make much sense? Then again, when you’re on a mission from God, it doesn’t really matter what you say or how you say it; the main thing is the intent — right?

The mini feud between Kanye West and Barack Obama has been reported before, and the two men seem not to have that much respect for one another. Kanye said he doesn’t think the president is “down’ with young people, even though he claims to be.

“I just think that we’re pop icons, and the president likes to use that type of thing just to be down. People were fine with me being everyone’s punching bag for about five years – ‘This is the person we love to hate, so if you want to distract people from everything that’s going on… just say you hate Kanye and there’s going be 30 other people who say they hate Kanye.”

Profound words indeed, but is Kanye West really in a position, as a rapper, to make such authoritative comments about government policies and the like? Or is that irrelevant seeing that, according to him, he is on a “mission from God”?