Nick Lachey Opens Up About Newlywed Life And Work, Remembers Two Week Anniversary

Apparently Nick Lachey really wants to remember his anniversary date with new wife Vanessa Minnillo, revealing on Saturday that it’s already his “two weeks” anniversary.

The couple married during a taped ceremony on July 15 and Lachey recently told PEOPLE of the two week anniversary:

“Boy, I should get some flowers on the way home!”

He also said that married life was an easy transition for the couple, noting:

“It doesn’t 
feel any different, which I think is a great thing – I think that means it
 was good to begin with,” while adding, “We’re just very comfortable and happy in our life together, so now we are back to work and back to the routine.”

The couple may have just married but they are also both very busy with Lachey preparing for the third season of his show Sing Off and Minnillo co-hosting the popular gameshow Wipeout which Lachey has said he has been “begging” to get on as a contestant.

Lachey and Minnillo both head back to work with heavy schedules in the Fall, it will be interesting to see if they can avoid the pitfalls of Hollywood life as a married couple, because let’s be honest not many stars do these days.