Pottermore Beta Arrives With Access Contest: Find The Magic Quill

JK Rowling is giving Harry Potter fans a sneak peak of the Pottermore website which will go live in October. The "Magic Quill Contest" which runs from July 31st through August 6th will give select users access to the site ahead of schedule.

The contest is simple to participate in, throughout each day a trivia question will be posted on the Pottermore site, users who solve the question can add it to the end of the quill.pottermore.com url for example quill.pottermore.com/RonWeasley, once you access that URL you must find the magical quill which is hidden on the quill section of the site, simply find the quill and you'll be taken to the beta registration page.

It's still unclear how many beta users the site will accept, however with more than 500 million Harry Potter books sold worldwide if there is a limited number of beta registrations available you'll want to hurry up and find the magical quill as soon as possible.