Saved By The Bell: The Salacious Can’t-Miss Biopic We’ve All Been Waiting For! Thank You, Lifetime!!!

Saved By The Bell, in all its “unauthorized” glory, is coming to a television screen near you! The Lifetime network is planning to unleash the behind the scenes biopic of the iconic hit teen sitcom around the same time real school bells will start ringing in a new year, September 1st, reports Buzzfeed.

With a reported working title of, “The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story”, the show is primarily based on the salacious 2009 book, Behind the Bell, written by Dustin Diamond, aka Screech on Saved By The Bell.

Every bit as adored as other campy classics like The Brady Bunch, Facts of Life or Full House, Saved By The Bell still resonates with its generation Xers, airing from 1989 – 1993, and has picked up fans from other generations too. The often seen (with his shirt off), Mario Lopez, is a constant reminder of Saved By The Bell, along with Diamond/Screech, and the rest of the Bell cast, who all became huge stars from the show and have gone on to successful acting careers.

According to Diamond’s book, everyone in the Saved By The Bell cast was having sex with each other at one time or another, sometimes even in orgy-like fashion.

I’ll include a spoiler alert here, in case anyone wants The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Storyto be a completely fresh experience, but in an article titled, 11 Most Scandalous Revelations in Screech’s Autobiography, Sam Greenspan highlights some of the more scandalous topics in Diamond’s behind the scenes Saved By The Bell book. These include:

Dustin Diamond claims he is well endowed:

“Diamond tells of many of his exploits; even starting one chapter about halfway through the book with the sentence, ‘Is it bragging to say I’ve banged over two thousand chicks in my life?’ And while it seems he met many of these anonymous “chicks” when they were extras on the show or during the cast’s mall tours and cross-country appearances… he says he actually seduced a large number of them at Disneyland.”

Tiffani-Amber Thiessen was quite sexually progressive:

Apparently, Thiessen was dating Eddie Garcia, the actor who played Johnny Dakota… But, little did he know, Diamond says, she was having sex with both of the other leads of (Saved By The Bell) under his nose. In fact, he says, for the entire week of that episode, Thiessen was sneaking off, right under his nose, going from one guy’s dressing room to the other’s…”

A new cast of 6 Bayside High kids have been cast to replicate the originals, the casting done by original Saved by the Bell casting director, Robin Lippin.

Via this cast, and new interviews, the exploits and what all happened behind the Saved By The Bell curtain, will be revealed come September. So for now we’ll just have to wait through the Summer for the Lifetime version of Diamond’s book, The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story, and all the wonderful scandal it promises to bring back to life on the flat screen!

Images via Wikipedia, Google and Buzzfeed